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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a locally owned and operated business, covering the North Auckland, Hibiscus Coast & wider Rodney areas including:

  • Puhoi
  • Hatfields Beach
  • Orewa
  • Silverdale
  • Red Beach
  • Millwater
  • Silverdale
  • Manly
  • Dairy Flat
  • Stanmore Bay
  • Gulf Harbour
  • Arkles Bay
  • Matakatia
  • Whangaparaoa
  • Army Bay
  • Waiwera
  • Wainui
  • Waitoki

In the wider Rodney area, we cover Coatesville, Kaukapakapa, Kumeu, Waimauku, Warkworth, Wellsford, Mangawhai, Snells Beach, Omaha, Mahurangi.

For areas outside the list above, please contact us to arrange a virtual quote.

We carry mobile eftpos in our van, and this is our preferred method of receiving payment. Credit cards are accepted, however there is a 3% extra charge. Please note, we are not able to accept cheques.

One thing that makes Clean Green Carpet Cleaning stand out from many other companies is that furniture moving is included in our cleans.* It’s especially important to clean under furniture like beds, where most dust and dust mites accumulate. And after the cleaning is completed, we will return the furniture to its rightful place using protective plastic sleeves as needed. We do suggest you move smaller items off your floor such as rubbish bins, toys, magazine racks etc.

*We will move furniture that can be safely moved. Extremely heavy items such as bookshelves or items deemed unsafe to move will remain in place.

Our machines do leave your carpet and upholstery a lot drier than some other conventional machines. You will be able to walk on the carpet straight away, and it will only feel slightly damp. Drying time will be between 3-5 hours providing reasonable airflow. This can be accelerated by having additional windows and doors open, or your heat pump on.

While your carpet may still be damp to the touch, it’s okay to walk on it straight away if needed. You can accelerate the drying time by having good airflow through your house by leaving your windows and doors open.

Yes! Some of the commercial properties we have cleaned include schools, medical and physiotherapy centres, and rest homes. Please contact us for a quote.

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Rest assured that we have full insurance cover should the unthinkable happen. Adequate coverage of General Liabilities as well as specific Ship-Repairers Liability cover is in place.

We use a range of machines from Portable Carpet Cleaning machines to a powerful Van Mounted (called a truck mount) system. We’re invested in having top quality equipment far a variety of situations to give top quality results.

Our van mounted system is capable of reaching very high water temperatures (90degrees) and deliver powerful vacuum to ensure maximum clean with minimal drying times. Especially in dirty carpets which need to be flushed, often several times for a thorough clean. We can also use this machine (and our smaller units) in flood situations. This is especially useful on emergency call-outs as the van has an auto pump out system which means the technician can keep pumping the water/moisture out.

Portable machines are often used in situations like apartments are where access is limited. These machines use powerful electric vacuums, water pumps and heaters to deliver excellent cleaning results no matter what level you’re on. We also use these in conjunction with our van mounted system to tackle large scale jobs at once.

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